App Development

I make websites and apps.

Content Design

I write and design digital and print content.


January 2015 - Present
Fullstack Software Developer

Making websites and apps for clients using a range of technologies.

July 2018 - Present
Coder Academy

Educator and Course Developer. Working on CA's Cyber Security Bootcamp, and finding fun ways to train the devs of tomorrow.

Jan 2018 - Oct 2018, Jan 2010 - Apr 2012
Bradfield Senior College

Teacher of Legal Studies, Modern History, Software Design and Development, and Society and Culture.

April 2012 - June 2017
Rule of Law Institute

CEO, Education Director and Developer. Managed and developed education programs, teaching in schools and teacher professional development, designed educational content, developed booking system apps and educational websites.

December 2014
Diploma of Software Development


Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

Majors in English and History. Thesis about history of antibiotic resistance in Australian hospitals.

Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Humanities and Social Sciences) (Hons)

Teaching areas: English 7-12, History 7-12 + Modern History, TESOL