Hi, I'm Nick Clark, a Software Engineer from Sydney, Australia.

I do the odd bit of freelance work and write posts
mainly about tech stuff and my side-projects:

What I Do On a Daily Basis

  • build CMS solutions that make web content easy to create and publish
  • iterate and implement changes to UX with clients, users, and designers
  • use stores and state management patterns and frameworks
  • create web layouts for desktop, tablet, mobile
  • ingest content and data and make it easily accessible
  • build appropriate and scalable APIs
  • process and automate art direction of images and other media

Technologies I <3 and Use Right Now


TypeScript Python CSS / SASS Plain Old JavaScript Docker GCP AWS Firebase NodeJS


Angular CircleCI Cypress Electron Gatsby Git GraphQL Hugo NgRx / MobX / Redux React RxJS Vim

Other Things I Use or am Into

Shell Scripting C# Hand Writing Recognition Pandoc InDesign Illustrator FCP/Premiere/AE Sound Recording / Audio Production